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XPPL Releases

Live Rubble - st - screach from providence 2003 CDR 6$ us ppd
002 L Bitch/B Damage - remix tape vol. 1 - aerobics for idea stretching Tape *out of print*
003 L Bitch/B Damage - remix tape vol. 2 - you only turn 22 once Tape *out of print*
Torture - st - metal damage from 2001 out now Tape 5$ us ppd
Sagitarious* - Just Keep Pumping - OUT Funk from the P.H. house band CDR 6$ us ppd
A Family Finds Entertainment - Ryan Trecartin - dear diary/color club with digital graphics DVD 10$ us ppd
007 The Ding Dong Transition - tape -Up is flup and down is ding, what happens to tapes in 2001 in 2004 (cdr coming soon)
008 experimental mix vol 3 for ben c
A Family Finds Entertainment Soundtrack movie digs + concurrent audio cdr 6$ us ppd
Ryans Old Movies 2001-2003 Its all here-Valentines day Girl, KinderColor Club, Girl God 8$ us ppd
Fun on Lindsay's Farm this is devil's country---Must be seen to be believed 8$ us ppd
Standby Ghost Greatest Hits from the monahasset mill to the mind calendar this is mandala techno #1 dance hit Ground Force 6$ us ppd
watch out for... Sagitarious 2..... Xppl...... the forest collection.... message to friends DVD..... torture 2...... live rubble lives........ horses kill horses???? shit diggers?????? kevb benc????????