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"A Family Finds Entertainment" is a digital folktale about the 
death and subsequent rebirth of a suicidal teenager named 
Skippy. An ensemble cast of family and friends contribute 
outrageously costumed characters. In a decidedly modern art 
face almost every frame has undergone heavy computer 
function reflection and raw video digital manipulations. 
Dialogue is delivered in both horrendously fake accents and 
electronically processed attitudes. Images go places and then 
return, (REALLY). 
From within this REM Sleep-like cloud a loose plot is knit 
together. Overwhelmed with guilt surrounding his Queer 
identity, Skippy contemplates suicide until a message in a 
seashell is delivered telling him, 'Skippy, don't do it.' Recently 
saved, Skippy leaves home and meets filmmaker Zoey 
Spelling but moments after their meeting; Skippy is hit by a 
car. Spelling enlists the help of four young 'experimental' 
hipsters (Shin, Phalangena, Ed, and Linda) who she has been 
documenting. Their egocentric, performative-identities 
compassion mock a sincerely two-face culture, while indulging 
in a highly sophisticated yet knowingly naive outlook on 
language, history, love, and friendship. 
Characters often feel like they are talking to the audience 
directly as they pose and perform their over considered yet 
seemingly spontaneous choice of talk. Constantly feeling like 
an inside joke, the audience becomes an integral part of the 
film. The characters' theatricalities are a freak-out-time-table-
puzzle of dimensions and double-meaning, creating a youthful 
mess of a hyper mediated
Endless layers, reconstructions, and misplacements of social 
norms/stereotypes make this, video movie art event queer a 
place to discover.